Civil War Reenactment Society


 to the website of the oldest Civil War re-enactment organization in the state of California.  We've been researching, reliving and relaying the American Civil War for more than 30 years!

     This non-profit, educational organization is composed of members who voluntarily give of their time, knowledge and passion for this fascinating time in history.  Passion is the keyword......we are anxious to pass this knowledge on to you and anyone who would share our interest. We do this by reenacting important aspects of the era,  using closely-authentic  weapons, clothing, tools, tents, language, customs and ideals of the people of that time.

     If we can share with you and peak your interest in the American Civil War, we have accomplished our mission.

     We are a family oriented group and encourage you to join us.  You'll be amazed at what you never knew about the Civil War!

    PLEASE, browse our site and see if there is something here for you!

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